An in-depth business case for Bloomin’Holland has been developed, and is available at request. Biggest earners are admission, and revenue from shop and restaurants. Bloomin’Holland needs 400,000 visitors a year to break even, at a cashflow of 4.1 million euros. A benchmark of visitor numbers allows for a possible total of 1,000,000 a year. This was confirmed independently by Jos Vranken, director of the Netherlands’ Board of Tourism and Congresses (NBTC): “This will be a serious success story: this visitor aim is a real possibility.”

According to NBTC overseas visitors flock to The Netherlands for four iconic themes:

1. Amsterdam
2. Flowers and bulbs
3. Windmills/traditional trades skils/cheese
4. Van Gogh

Flowers hold a magic attraction for tourists. And Bloomin’Holland has it all about flowers. Over 16 million foreign tourists visit The Netherlands every year. Schiphol is an important transfer hub: 42% of its 64 million passengers a year are transfer passengers. Over 2.9 million of them have a lay-over of more than four hours.

Cruise ship visits are also on the up, both international and river cruises in the Amsterdam area. 1,000,000 Passengers a year need to be entertained for a day in the greater Amsterdam area. Bloomin’Holland will provide this entertainment.

Apart from this, tourism from Asia and South Africa is expected to continue to grow, boosting visitor numbers in the Amsterdam area to 19 million by 2025. A growing demand in leisure destinations in the Amsterdam area can only be catered to outside its crowded city limits. Bloomin’Holland provides an excellent opportunity to do this.

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